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Lengyelországi iskola honlapja: www.zscewice.pl 

Kapcsolattartó: Teresa Bukowska


About the school:


Our school is located on a village in north of Poland. To the school attends youth in aged 13-16. The students come from rural areas, often from very poor families. Parents often do not show interest in intellectual and educational development of their children. Shyness students often contributes to the underreporting self-esteem, problems at school, problems with adaptation to new surroundings, bad social behavior. It all deepens the complex province.
Our activities allow students to know their abilities, would allow the development of interests, to strengthen academic and social development of students. Students overcame his own shyness and develop confidence in their abilities. It is very important during the project that would indicate an active and safe forms of leisure.
The project will allow students development of social skills, in an innovative way to encourage activity and allow students to believe that they can get success


Students from rural areas will learn about alternative ways of spending free time, using old forgetable games and sports activities. They will discover games of their parents and grandparents. During the project students will integrate with each other, creat good behavior and healthy competition during the tournament and sport's activities.


Polish delegation





 1. Aleksandra Witt

 1. Igor Kruk

 1. Mrs Iwona Mielewczyk - headmaster  

 2. Wioletta Przytulska 

 2. Hubert Keller

 2. Mrs Anna Marzęcka

 3. Anita Reglińska

 3. Kacper Kotłowski  

 3. Mrs Teresa Bukowska

 4. Kinga Fonfara

 4. Paweł Krawiec

 5. Marta Rzeźnik

 5. Paweł Lange

 6. Ewelina Greniu

 6. Wojciech Pernal

 7. Dominika Maszota

 7. Bartosz Janczak

 8. Julia Nowak

 9. Hanna Szamatowicz